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What Is Gel X Nails + How To DIY

What Is Gel X Nails + How To DIY

Gel X Nails Extensions

If you’ve ever dreamed of having long, strong, flawless nails that don’t chip or break like traditional acrylics or press-ons, then gel nail extensions are the answer. This nail method has been trending on TikTok and is just as easy as it looks. This post will help you learn everything you need to know so you save your money and do your nails at home!

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What Are Gel X Nail Extensions?

Gel nail extensions are a type of artificial nail. They’re made of a gel that is applied to the nail and then cured under UV light or LED lamp.

Gel nails are easy to apply and remove, clean, and maintain. If you’re looking for a way to make your nails look beautiful without all the work associated with acrylics, gel nails may be right up your alley! Gel nails are just as versatile as other types of artificial nails; they can be changed out periodically or maintained indefinitely. I’ve been doing my nails since 2020 and have tried nearly every method possible, and the gel extension method is easy and requires less time.

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How To Apply Gel Nail Extensions

When applying gel polish at home, it’s important that you follow the steps in the correct order. Following these simple steps will ensure that your nails last long without lifting.

  • Before you start, prep your nails by gently filing them down and shaping them until they are smooth and even in length. Clean your cuticle area and wipe your nail with pure acetone to remove any oils.
  • Apply your nail primer.
  • Apply the gel glue onto each nail and cure for about 30 seconds.
  • Apply the gel glue to the soft nail and apply a small bead of gel on the gel-x tip.
  • Place the tip on the nail, starting at the cuticle area. Push the tip down slightly towards the free edge to smooth out the gel glue. Use the flashlight to cure the tip for 10 seconds. 
  • After applying all ten tips, the whole hand should be cured for 30 seconds under an LED light or for one minute under a UV light.
  • Once cured, shape the nail to your liking, and finish with gel color if you want.

Supplies Needed

To get started with this DIY, you’ll need the right supplies.

How To Remove Gel X Nails

When removing gels from natural nails after two weeks or so has passed since application day… don’t panic! Remove gel extensions by removing 85% of the extension and using acetone to soak off the remaining gel. Wrap the extension in aluminum foil and allow to soak for 15 minutes before removing.
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