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Waste Free Lunch Ideas Using Funkins

Waste Free Lunch Ideas Using Funkins

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I still can’t believe that my little boy is in Kindergarten. For this school year, I wanted to be more mindful and find ways to send waste-free lunches. That’s when I found out about a brand called Funkins. 

Funkins is a reusable and eco-friendly brand that has fun products like lunch bags, napkins, placemats for kids, notecards, labels, and more. Their products contain nontoxic dyes, unique patterns and will help you get on track to sending your little ones to waste-free lunches. 

FUN FACT: Funkins was started by a mom who had a goal of making mealtime cleaner and greener!

Funkins has man-fun patterns to pick from. Leo loves all things transportation-related and I was so happy to see they had a product line with cars, trains, and trucks!  

Funkins Lunch Bags

Funkins Lunch Bags For Kids

These lunch bags are not your average lunch bags. These insulated lunch bags are very durable and sturdy. The zippers are easy to use for little ones. The best part about these lunch bags is that they are machine washable! 

I have a small lunch bag for Leo and it is very spacious. It’s stretchy and fits a variety of food containers like bento boxes.

Cloth Placements & Napkins For Kids

The placemats are double-ply material and are eco-friendly. They are perfect for lunchtime or to keep on hand for on-the-go meals. The napkins are perfect for little hands and are made of soft cotton. If you are looking to start sending waste-free lunches, these are the products worth trying at home and/or at school. 

Funkins Napkins, Cloth Napkins

Bamboo Dish Set For Kids

Funkins Bamboo Dish Sets For Kids

I recently starting using bamboo dish sets for Leo and I love them. I’m not sure why I had not used these sooner. These reusable bamboo dishes are eco-friendly and made of high-quality natural bamboo. These are also available in fun bright colors and patterns.

Funkins Lunch Box Accessories 

Lunch box accessories are becoming more and more popular. I love placing little notes in Leo’s lunch box. It certainly puts a smile on his face. Funkins has Lunch Box Note Cards as well as Sticky Notes. These sticky note pads are perfect to help keep yourself organized or to or you can use these to put a smile on your little ones’ faces during their lunchtime. 

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Funkins Gel Ice Pack

Another cute accessory that Funkins has is their gel ice packs for lunch boxes. These gel packs are available in fun characters. Simply freeze and use these to keep lunches cool.

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If you are into labeling, Funkins has labels for kids. Not only can you use these labels for their lunch accessories, but they are also perfect for pencils, books, and other smooth surfaces.

Funkins has so many fun designs and, there is something for all children age groups. Funkins was kind enough to offer my readers a discount until September 30th, 2021. Use coupon code: FUN21 at checkout to get 20% off your purchase.

Funkins Lunch Ideas

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