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Vegamour Review – Is The Vegamour GRO Serum Worth It?

Vegamour Review – Is The Vegamour GRO Serum Worth It?

  • Vegamour, the popular hair care line, has been making waves on the internet. In this post, you can find all the information you need to know about this brand.
Adriana Lately x Vegamour

I am thrilled to share my experience using Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum and GRO Biotin Gummies. As someone with curly hair who frequently straightens it, I have struggled to find products that can help with the damage caused by heat styling and coloring. 

However, after using Vegamour for a month, I have noticed a significant improvement in my hair’s overall health and appearance.


Vegamour is a haircare brand specializing in plant-based, vegan products for healthier hair. Their cruelty-free products are formulated without harsh chemicals, sulfates, or parabens.

Vegamour’s haircare line includes products for hair growth, hair loss prevention, and scalp care.

Some of their popular products include the GRO Hair Serum, formulated with natural plant actives to promote thicker, fuller hair, and the GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum, which contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to support healthier hair growth. 

Vegamour also offers a range of lash and brow products and a selection of supplements designed to nourish hair and promote growth from within.



To grow out my damaged, bleached hair, I started using the Vegamour GRO Hair Serum and am impressed. The serum is made with natural ingredients, such as mung bean, red clover, and curcumin, that stimulate hair growth, prevent breakage, and nourish the scalp. Since I started using Vegamour, I have noticed that my hair feels softer, stronger, and healthier. The serum has reduced hair shedding, and I have seen new hair growth around my hairline.

Aside from the serum, I have taken the GRO Biotin Gummies daily. The gummies are vegan, free of artificial colors and flavors, and have a delicious taste, making them easy to carry. Biotin is an essential vitamin for healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

Since taking Vegamour supplementsI have noticed that my nails are growing faster and stronger, and my hair is now shinier and more vibrant.


Did the GRO Serum make your hair greasy/oily?
This was one of my biggest concerns; no, it did not. The GRO Hair Serum is water-based and fast-absorbing.

When do you apply the Gro Hair Serum?
Anytime! Morning or night. I like applying it to my scalp at night. I’ve incorporated this step into my evening/skincare routine so I won’t forget.

Did you REALLY notice a difference?
Yes! Especially since I am growing my hair out from being blonde. You can visibly see the new growth because of the color, and I can tell that my hair is a tad bit thicker and doesn’t break as it did on the color-treated hair.

Overall, I highly recommend Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum and GRO Biotin Gummies to anyone looking for natural, effective products to help with hair growth and damage repair.

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As someone with curly hair who has been through the wringer with coloring and heat styling, I am thrilled to find a brand that works for me finally. Vegamour’s products have made me feel more confident about my hair, and I am excited to see the continued improvements




Vegamour x Adriana Lately

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