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My Sculptra Experience

My Sculptra Experience

  • Get an inside look at one woman's Sculptra experience at The Swan Center in Alpharetta, GA, and learn how this non-surgical facial treatment can help you achieve a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Pursuing a youthful, radiant appearance is a journey many of us embark on as we age. The plethora of aesthetic treatments available today can be overwhelming, but the results can be transformative with the right research and expert hands. I recently had my first Sculptra treatment at The Swan Center in Alpharetta, Georgia, and I am excited to share my experience.


My aesthetic journey at The Swan Center began a little three years ago. The Swan Center came highly recommended from online reviews, and the staff is incredible. Located in Alpharetta, this center is renowned for its cutting-edge procedures and highly skilled professionals.

I’ve been seeing Jordan for a few years, and her gentle and expert touch ensured minimal discomfort during my treatments. Jordan has studied my face to see what is needed. This time around, she recommended Sculptra.

A Little Background on Sculptra


Sculptra is a non-surgical facial treatment that stimulates the body’s collagen production to restore facial volume and smooth out wrinkles. Unlike traditional fillers that deliver immediate results, Sculptra works subtly and gradually over time, providing a more natural look. The results? Refreshed and younger-looking skin that can last up to two years or more.

Jordan took the time to educate me on the Sculptra process and answered all my questions.

First, I had numbing cream on the areas of treatment. The treatment was far less intimidating than I imagined. Jordan carefully marked the areas to be treated and walked me through each step, ensuring I felt comfortable and informed throughout the process.

Her precision and expertise were evident with every injection. The treatment itself took less than 20 minutes if that!

The pain itself was about a 4/10. In my opinion, it’s practically painless, and I’ve had quite some injections. This was nothing!

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Following the treatment, I was advised to massage the treated areas to ensure even distribution of Sculptra. There was some initial swelling, but it subsided within a couple of days. Gradually, over the next few weeks, I began noticing subtle changes. My skin looked more youthful and radiant, and the contours of my face appeared more defined.


@adrianalately Aging in reverse thanks to the best injector in atlanta @JordanDupreeInject at @theswancenter — First Sculptra Before & After + Dysport Treatment. Sculptra is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that stimulates collagen production, helping to restore volume and reduce wrinkles in the face. This gradual, long-lasting approach results in a natural-looking, rejuvenated appearance. #sculptrafiller #sculptrabeforeandafter #dysportinjections #botox #skincarehacks #skincare #medspa #collagen #swancenter #alpharetta ♬ original sound - ice spice

While Sculptra results aren’t immediate, the wait is worth it. The gradual transformation appears more natural, and there’s an air of anticipation as you notice the subtle enhancements. Thanks to Jordan’s expert hands, the results were phenomenal. My face looks refreshed, not “done.”

I can’t recommend The Swan Center and Jordan enough. If you’re considering Sculptra or any other aesthetic treatment, research, ask questions, and, most importantly, choose a reputable clinic and expert injector.

Looking in the mirror today, I see a rejuvenated version of myself, and I owe it all to the artistry and expertise of Jordan at The Swan Center in Alpharetta. If you’re in Atlanta, consider this gem of a center for your aesthetic needs. You can get $100 off your first treatment HERE and for more information on their memberships, you can check out their site HERE. You won’t be disappointed.

My Sculptra Experience at the Swan Center in Alpharetta Georgia
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