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Kopari Beauty Must-Haves

Kopari Beauty Must-Haves


Today I am back with a list of my favorite Kopari Beauty must-have products. Kopari Beauty is an award-winning beauty brand that kicks coconut up a notch with high-performance actives to create cleaner than clean products for everybody.

Kopari Beauty is a cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free skincare brand that uses only the most natural ingredients. They are also phthalate-free and sulfate-free, which means they won’t irritate your skin or damage your hair. Plus, Kopari Beauty products are non-GMO!

They are all made with 100% plant-based ingredients, are vegan and cruelty-free, and smell amazing. They are also a part of Sephora‘s clean beauty.

Kopari Organic Coconut Melt

Kopari Coconut MeltThe Coconut Melt is a multipurpose product packed with rich fatty acids, vitamin e, and proteins for deep moisture. You can use this coconut melt as a hair mask, dry shave oil, body butter, and a belly balm.

Kopari Exfoliating Crush Scrub

Kopari Exfoliating ScrubFormulated with brown sugar, coconut oil, and fine Tahitian coconut shells, this exfoliating crush scrub removes dull and dry skin for visibly smoother, softer, and moisturized skin. The scent is light and tropical, not overpowering at all. It’s perfect to use right before bedtime so you can wake up with skin that feels hydrated and renewed. It’s also great for shaving legs!

Kopari California Glow Enzyme Scrub

Kopari Enzyme ScrubThis scrub is a gentle exfoliant made with pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes. It also contains gentle fine biodegradable exfoliants. 

Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy

Kopari Lip GlossyThe coconut gloss is the perfect balance between shine and moisture. It’s not sticky, but it does leave your lips with a subtle sheen. The fragrance is light and refreshing. 


Kopari Natural Aluminum-Free Coconut Deodorant

Kopari Deodorant This might be Kopari Beauty’s best seller and a game-changer if you want to switch to an aluminum-free deodorant. If you haven’t tried coconut oil as a deodorant yet, this is your sign of giving it a try! Coconut oil is the main ingredient and works as both a natural deodorant and antiperspirant. It helps control odor by absorbing moisture from your skin (not masking odors with fragrance as traditional products do). In addition, this formula does not clog pores or irritate sensitive skin — so even if you have sensitive pits, this should be okay for you to use! 

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Guava Hydrating Body Milk Lotion

Kopari Guava Hydrating Body MilkThis lotion is formulate with shea butter and chamomile to soothe and moisturize skin. Its hydrating formula absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling greasy. 

Guava Hydrating Body Wash

Kopari Body Wash - GuavaThe Kopari Guava Hydrating Body Wash is a must-have for your shower. The scent is light and sweet. This vegan body wash contains coconut water, aloe, and sea kelp. These ingredients cleanse without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

I love my Kopari Beauty products because they are all organic and contain essential oils. Their fresh scents make me feel like I’m always on vacation. If you’re looking for something new to try in the beauty department, then give Kopari beauty a chance!

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