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Kennedy Space Center: How To Spend Your Day at KSC

Kennedy Space Center: How To Spend Your Day at KSC

  • Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida offers an array of must-do activities. Learn how you can spend your day at KSC + tips you should know before you vist.
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If one destination displays humanity’s cosmic ambitions, it’s the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida. Just a short drive from Orlando, this space exploration hub has witnessed countless spacecraft launches, including the iconic Apollo missions.

Whether you’re a die-hard space enthusiast or just someone curious about the cosmos, Kennedy Space Center offers a range of entertaining and educational experiences.

Here’s a rundown of must-do activities when visiting the Kennedy Space Center:

Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit: This exhibit showcases the actual Space Shuttle Atlantis. Here, you can get an up-close look at the shuttle and learn about its various missions and the brave astronauts who operated them.

Apollo/Saturn V Center: Step back in time to the era of the Apollo moon missions. The massive Saturn V rocket, the most powerful ever built, is displayed here in all its glory. Plus, there are a plethora of exhibits detailing the history and challenges of lunar exploration.

Kennedy Space Center Rocket Garden

Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour: Take a guided tour of the spaceport, including views of the launch pads, the Vehicle Assembly Building (one of the largest buildings in the world by volume), and the Apollo 8 launch site.

Astronaut Encounter: Ever wondered what it’s like to travel to space? Here’s your chance to meet a real astronaut. This live presentation lets visitors hear firsthand accounts of space adventures and even ask questions.

Rocket Garden: A mesmerizing outdoor display of rockets from NASA’s earlier programs, including Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Walk underneath these giants and marvel at the engineering wonders of yesteryears.

Heroes & Legends Featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame: Dive deep into the personal stories of American space pioneers, their trials, tribulations, and triumphs. This immersive exhibit combines 4D multisensory theater and interactive touch screens to ensure a memorable experience.

IMAX Theater: Experience stunning space documentaries on gigantic screens that transport you to other worlds. With movies curated by NASA, the sheer detail and scope of the IMAX experience can be overwhelming in the best possible way.

Planet Play: This interactive, multi-storied play area is a must-visit if you’re traveling with children. Kids can learn about the planets, stars, and space exploration in a fun and hands-on environment.

Launch Viewing: If you’re lucky to visit Kennedy Space Center during a launch window, check out the live rocket launches. Few experiences are as awe-inspiring as watching a rocket ascend to the stars!

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Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad

Space Shop: Before you leave, visit the largest space shop in the world. From apparel and books to models and unique space-related gifts, you’ll find something to remember your visit.


  • Plan: Some attractions at KSC require timed entry tickets. Check the schedule before your visit.
  • Stay hydrated and wear comfortable shoes: You’ll be doing a lot of walking.
  • Check for special events: There are often special events, presentations, or guest appearances that enhance your visit.
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A day at Kennedy Space Center is not just about learning; it’s about experiencing space exploration’s passion, challenges, and triumphs. Whether gazing at the Atlantis, standing beneath the massive Saturn V, or listening to an astronaut’s journey, Kennedy Space Center promises a journey that stirs the soul and ignites the imagination.

Everything you need to know before visiting Kennedy Space Center

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