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How To Make An Açai Bowl

How To Make An Açai Bowl

Açaí bowl, strawberries

What is açai? Açai berries are a Brazilian superfruit that gained popularity because of their impressive health benefits. The açai berry is dark purple fruit and loaded with antioxidants.

Açaí bowl, strawberries

Not only are açai berries packed with antioxidants they are also loaded with fiber, healthy fats, and calcium. Note that açai berries spoil fast so it is recommended to purchase açai in either a frozen packet, similar to smoothie packs or powder form like this one here from BareOrganics. Bare Organics is all about real nutrition. Their products help you meet your nutritional goals and feel energized from their raw and organic sources. Their superfoods are USDA Certified Organic, Natural, Chemical-Free, and Non-GMO. Many are Gluten-Free and Vegan as well!

Açaí bowl, strawberries, kate spade bowl

How To Enjoy Açai? The easiest ways are to enjoy in a smoothie, make an açai bowl, or find açai flavored snack. I enjoy making açai bowls. An açai bowl is similar to a smoothie except the consistency is thicker than a traditional smoothie and an açai bowl is loaded with toppings. You can top with all sorts of toppings of choice.

Bare Organics Powders
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Ready to make your own açai bowl? If you need a boost of energy, add the Energy & Stamina Blend Powder. This powerful blend consists of beetroot, cacao, maca, ginger, and apple is lightly sweetened with natural stevia and coconut sugar, making it simple and delicious to add a boost to your day.

My simple recipe will have you craving these bowls. Besides, they are healthy and delicious. Looking for superfood powders? Check out BareOrganics. They are also available on Amazon Prime.

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