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The Easiest and Best Queso Dip Recipe

The Easiest and Best Queso Dip Recipe

  • Learn to make the TikTok famous Queso dip.
Super Bowl Appetizers

Let’s face it; Food TikTok has some of the best recipes. Remember the viral TikTok videos of the quick and easy queso dip? With Super Bowl Sunday approaching, this queso dip is going to be a hit.

Super Bowl Queso

Whether you are having a gathering or want to enjoy this delicious dip, it’s so easy to put together. For this queso dip recipe, you can add your twist to it. I made mine without meat but feel free to do so. If you want it spicy, opt-in for extra jalapeño peppers, and if you’d like your queso dip to be more smokey, add more cumin. 

Easy Super Bowl Queso Dip

It will be a delicious appetizer no matter how you make this TikTok famous dip. Don’t forget about Cinco de Mayo in May. You can make this delightful recipe then.




Once your ingredients are prepared, dump everything into a baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes. For an easy clean-up, I’d recommend using a foil pan.

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Once the dip is done, serve with your favorite tortilla chips and enjoy!

Super Bowl Queso

How To Make Queso

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