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Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant Review

Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant Review

  • Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant offers a luxurious stay that blends modern comfort with historic Southern charm. Nestled in Mount Pleasant, it's just a short drive away from downtown Charleston.
Adriana Lately Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant

Whenever you think of South Carolina’s low country, images of picturesque landscapes, deep-rooted history, and the charisma of Charleston come to mind. Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant perfectly encapsulates this essence, providing guests with an unparalleled experience that seamlessly blends the modern with the rich tapestry of local culture.

A Modern Retreat in Historic Vicinity

Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant stands out as a beacon of contemporary elegance amidst the lush backdrop of South Carolina. However, what truly sets it apart is its proximity to the historic heart of Charleston.

Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant South Carolina

Being just a short drive away, guests have the unique advantage of immersing themselves in the vibrant life of downtown Charleston by day and retreating to the serene comfort of their chic rooms by night.

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One of Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant’s undeniable charms is its proximity to downtown Charleston. A mere short drive away, the historic heartbeat of Charleston becomes easily accessible to guests.

This means, within minutes, you can transition from the contemporary comforts of the hotel to the cobblestone streets, historic landmarks, and lively ambiance of one of America’s oldest cities. It offers the convenience of exploration without the hustle and bustle of city accommodation.

Modern Comforts Amidst Timeless Beauty

Inside Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant, guests are treated to a world of modern amenities. The rooms are a delightful blend of comfort and style, offering expansive views, plush bedding, and state-of-the-art facilities. But the subtle nods to local culture, from the art adorning the walls to the design aesthetics, make you feel deeply connected to South Carolina’s rich heritage.


The rooms at Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant are a delightful blend of modern comfort and timeless beauty. Each room is thoughtfully designed to offer guests a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The decor is chic and contemporary, with subtle nods to the local culture, such as the art adorning the walls and the design aesthetics.

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The rooms feature large windows that let in ample natural light, making the space airy and vibrant. The bedding is plush and promises a restful sleep, ensuring guests wake up rejuvenated for their adventures. With state-of-the-art facilities and a range of amenities, the rooms at Hotel Indigo offer the perfect blend of comfort and style.


Hotel Indigo doesn’t just stop at offering a cozy room to rest. Eliza’s Bar + Kitchen is a Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant, South Carolina restaurant. The restaurant offers a contemporary dining experience.

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Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasent Elizas Bar

The menu features a variety of dishes inspired by local ingredients and Southern cuisine with a modern twist. Guests can enjoy shrimp and grits, crab cakes, fried chicken, and a selection of craft cocktails, local beers, and wine.

The ambiance of Eliza’s is warm and inviting, with a modern yet cozy decor that reflects the hotel’s modern yet charming aesthetic. Eliza’s Bar + Kitchen is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is a popular spot for hotel guests and locals.

Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant is more than just a luxurious stay; it’s a journey that lets you experience the magic of Charleston while being nestled in modern comforts. Its prime location and impeccable service and facilities make it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a rich and fulfilling South Carolina experience.

Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant

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