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Holiday Gift Guide For Boys

Holiday Gift Guide For Boys

With the Holidays just around the corner, I’ve teamed up with Moose Toys to create the ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for boys of all ages.


Moose Toys’ expertise includes creating, manufacturing, and marketing toy brands across various categories. Their toy brands can be found in action figures, arts and crafts, collectibles, dolls, games, plush, preschool, and youth electronics toy aisles, promising to bring excitement and joy to children of all ages.


Treasure X Skull Island

The Treasure X – Skull Temple Mega Playset boasts an impressive 40 levels of thrilling adventure, making it an exciting and engaging toy for children. As children open their Skull Temple Playset, they will uncover many traps and challenges to overcome, all while unlocking the treasure hidden within the temple. It promises to be an engaging and fun-filled experience for kids. Kids are in for a treat as they crush and blast their way through the temple with the promise of discovering real gold-dipped treasure. It’s an exciting and rewarding experience that they will remember.

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Deep Goo Sea

These heroes are incredibly flexible and stretchy, allowing kids to expand them up to three times their original size. Kids will love the tactile and interactive experience that Goo Jit Zu Deep Goo Sea heroes provide.


The World of Akedo has combined with the fury of the beasts to create a new range of “Beast Strike” warriors that kids can collect and engage in epic battles with. These fierce warriors have arrived from the depths of the oceans and the wildest jungles, ready to unleash their animalistic fury upon their opponents.

Doo Doo Kangaroo

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Doo Doo Kangaroo is a hilarious game that combines fun and action, as kids feed the kangaroo donuts until he does doo-doos! The game then becomes a fast-paced challenge of skill and observation as they try to grab the donuts while avoiding the doo-doo. This entertaining party game is certain to elicit giggles from kids as they see Doo Doo Kangaroo perched on his toilet, eagerly awaiting his next meal. Players spin the spinner to determine how many donuts to feed the kangaroo.


Flipslide is an exciting and engaging puzzle game that requires skill and strategy to master. With fast-paced gameplay, players must flip the blocks to reveal the color and slide them to match the lights. Whether played solo or with friends, Flipslide promises to provide a challenging and addictive experience that’s hard to put down.

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gifts for children can be challenging. Moose Toys’ expertise in creating exciting and engaging toys means children will have a joyful and memorable holiday season.

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