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Canned Cocktails That Are Actually Good

Canned Cocktails That Are Actually Good

  • Canned cocktails? Are they the next best thing?
  • Plus, learn now to elevate your canned cocktail experience... at home!
Post Meridiem Canned Cocktails - Simple Margaritas in a can

Happy National Cocktail Day! My go-to alcoholic beverages are either wine, champagne, or a refreshing margarita. Why not kick off National Cocktail Day with a refreshing margarita… from a can! Yes, just shake and pour this canned cocktail and enjoy. Trust me, it’s actually good. 

Have you tried canned cocktails before? I know what you are thinking but hear me out. When it comes to making a traditional margarita, it’s quite simple but sometimes we may not have all of the ingredients in our home. This is when you would want a premade cocktail ready to go. Think about it, what if you wanted a margarita where you can just shake and pour? Sounds like a great concept right? 

Post Meridiem Spirits has canned cocktails with real ingredients. Their margarita is delicious and made with quality ingredients. Their margarita consists of Silver Tequila, Orange Curacao, and 100% real live juice! These simple ingredients make a delicious authentic margarita that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime! 

Fresh Margarita In A Can - Canned Margaritas - Atlanta Based Spirit Company

Side note, can we talk about how cute these mini cans are! In addition to their delicious margarita cocktails, they also have Old Fashion, Vodka Gin, Mai Tai, and a Daiquiri. Post Meridiem is an Atlanta-based company, so if you are local to Atlanta, you can do a pickup order here. If you are not local, no worries, you can also order them online for delivery to your home here.

Mai Tai, Old Fashion, Margarita in a can by Post Meridiem

By the way, if you want to add a twist to these margaritas and make them into a frozen beverage, add your favorite frozen fruit with one can of Post Meridiem’s Margarita to a blender. Blend until you have your desired consistency and enjoy! *Cheers* 

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A Simple Margarita With A Twist

You must be 21 years of age and older to consume alcohol. Please drink responsibly.

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