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Best Swimsuits of 2022

Best Swimsuits of 2022

Best Swimsuits of 2022

Swimsuit season is in full swing, and I’ve got the best swimsuits of 2022 lined up for you. From bikinis to one-pieces to tankinis, I’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable summer!

High-Waisted Bikini



High-waisted bathing suits are a classic, and for a good reason. They flatter most bodies as they draw attention upwards to your chest. Even if you have a flat stomach, the high waistline will help camouflage any imperfections in that area.

Tankini with Shorts

A tankini with shorts is a great option for women who want to cover their stomachs but don’t want to wear a one-piece swimsuit. 

One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit

When it comes to a one-piece swimsuit, a one-shoulder swimsuit can add a fun twist to your look. This particular type of swimwear has become popular over the past few years and will continue to be popular in 2022.

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A benefit is that this style gives excellent coverage and support while simultaneously offering plenty of skin exposure, making it perfect if your preference leans towards being more covered up but also wanting some skin exposure here or there.

By now, you should know better what swimsuits are hot in 2022 and why. So if you’re going to be shopping for yourself or someone else this summer, keep these trends in mind as you start your search.

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