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Best Pillows for Every Sleep Style

Best Pillows for Every Sleep Style

  • Unleash the best night's sleep ever! This post explores perfect pillows for all sleep styles, featuring the Marlow Pillow by Brooklinen, and dives into their dreamy bedding collection. Find your sleep sanctuary here
Best Pillows for Every Sleep Style

A good night’s sleep starts with the right pillows. But with so many options on the market, choosing the perfect one can feel overwhelming.

This guide will explore the best pillows for various sleep styles, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Understanding Your Sleep Style

Prioritizing your sleep style is crucial before investing in a pillow. Are you a back, side, stomach sleeper, or a mix of these positions? This understanding will guide you toward the right pillow for your needs.

  • Back sleepers typically need a pillow with medium firmness to provide proper neck alignment.
  • Side sleepers require a thicker pillow to fill the gap between their neck and shoulder.
  • Stomach sleepers generally use a softer, flatter pillow to maintain spinal alignment.
  • Combination sleepers benefit from adjustable pillows that can be molded to fit their various positions.

Marlow Pillow: The All-Position Champion

The Brooklinen Marlow Pillow is a standout choice for those who shift positions during sleep. This cooling gel memory foam pillow stands out with its unique adjustability feature. A zippered inner compartment allows you to add or remove filling, enabling you to customize the loft to your liking. This pillow is ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

The Marlow Pillow is made with cooling-infused memory foam for more restful sleep memory foam, ensuring it’s safe and free of harmful chemicals. The breathable cover is also machine-washable for easy care.

Benefits of the Marlow Pillow:

  • Adjustable loft: Tailor the thickness to your specific needs and sleep style.
  • Breathable Cover: Stay cool and comfortable throughout the night (sold separately)
  • Machine-washable: For effortless cleaning.

Finding the Perfect Sleep Sanctuary with Brooklinen

Beyond pillows, Brooklinen offers a complete selection of high-quality bedding essentials to create a sleep haven. From luxuriously soft sheets to cozy comforters, their products are designed to deliver a truly restful night’s sleep.

A good pillow is an investment in your health and well-being. By understanding your sleep style and exploring options like the Marlow Pillow, you can find the perfect fit for a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience.

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Additionally, explore Brooklinen’s entire bedding collection to find everything you need for a comfortable night’s sleep!

Please note: While this blog post highlights the Marlow Pillow and Brooklinen products, it’s crucial to consider your unique needs and preferences when choosing a pillow. Your comfort is in your hands, so don’t hesitate to research other options to find your perfect fit!

Best Pillows for Every Sleep Style - Marlow Pillows


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