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The Best Holiday Travel Tips For A Less Stressful Season

The Best Holiday Travel Tips For A Less Stressful Season

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The holidays are a time to get together with friends and family, but they can also be stressful. So if you’re traveling during the holiday season, here are some travel tips to make holiday travel easier.

Get to the airport earlier than usual.

Traffic can be bad during the holiday travel season, so it’s best to give yourself plenty of time to get through security and check-in for your flight. The earlier you arrive at the airport, the better. This will give you more time to check out a lounge.

Don’t miss your flight – Check in online.

If you’re flying this holiday season, check-in online as early as possible. Don’t make the mistake of checking in at the airport, gate, counter, or kiosk on a whim — you may miss your flight! I’ve seen it happen and the odds of getting rebooked on another flight on the same day are not always guaranteed. 

Holiday Travel Tips

Take advantage of self-service options.

You can do some things yourself.

  • Self-service kiosks for picking up your boarding pass, checking luggage, and printing your boarding pass.
  • Airports are starting to get rid of traditional check-in counters, so if you can print your ticket, save time by doing it at home before you arrive at the airport. This is especially helpful if there’s a line and no one is helping you—grab your bag and go!

Leave plenty of time to go through security.

  • Leave plenty of time. Don’t wait until the last minute to get through security, and don’t rush through it. Make sure you’re at your gate with plenty of time to spare. 
  • If you don’t have TSA Precheck or CLEAR, remove everything from your pockets ahead of time (including coins and keys). You will have to remove everything from your pockets, which can be annoying overall, but this will cut down the wait time if you do this ahead.

Get TSA PreCheck if you can.

If you frequently travel by air, it’s worth looking into. TSA PreCheck allows approved travelers to use dedicated screening lanes and leave on their shoes, belts, and light jackets during the security process. 

The good news is that anyone can apply for TSA PreCheck—if they meet specific requirements. 

Get CLEAR, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

CLEAR is a biometric screening service that allows you to skip long lines at the airport. CLEAR is available at select airports. If you’re traveling with children, CLEAR is especially helpful because it reduces the time spent standing in line and worrying about your child getting bored or distracted.


If you can fly a day earlier or later, do it.

Even if it means paying for an extra night at your destination, the time saved could be worth it. The reason? Traffic patterns are generally more predictable on Sundays than on weekdays. This means fewer delays and less stress during your trip. If you’re flying at night, you can also avoid the morning rush!

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Travel Tips

Traveling during the holidays can be challenging if you don’t plan.

It’s no secret that traveling during the holidays can be stressful, especially if you’re traveling with a family or group of friends. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make your holiday travel easier. 

I hope these tips will help you to have a safe and happy holiday season.

Holiday Travel Tips

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