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A Simple Bedtime Routine For Kids

A Simple Bedtime Routine For Kids

Simple Bedtime Routines For Toddlers

I have always been a routine type of mom. I love creating routines because, for me, I found that it created a sense of structure for my son. Ever since my son was a baby, I’ve always enjoyed our bedtime routine. For us, it was the perfect way to calm ourselves down from our day, spend more quality time together, and begin to relax for the evening.

As Leo gets older, our routines continue to change, but right now he is at the age where he is very independent and enjoys learning how to do things on his own. It is so fun to teach him new things, especially when it comes to getting ready for bed.

Through trial and error, I have found that there is one solution to a relaxing bedtime routine — keeping it simple. Our routine consists of a few steps which I’m sharing below.


Each night before bath time, Leo will pick out his pajamas and get ready for his bath. His bath routines change daily; some days Leo prefers a bubble bath, and other times he wants a quick bath just so that he can get into bed. Afterward, he reminds me that he can get dressed on his own. Talk about independence! While he is getting dressed, I remind him that he has to brush his teeth after, and explain why it’s important to brush his teeth before bed. When it comes to teeth brushing time, I have always had to assist, especially

when it comes to rinsing. The main reason is that Leo would have difficulty getting water to rinse after brushing. There would be water all over the counter, and sometimes this would even result in a pajama change. I knew that in order for me to allow him to be fully independent, I would need to find something to help him with rinsing after brushing.

Simple Bedtime Routines For Toddlers

I turned to Dixie® multi-purpose 5 oz. cups. They are perfect to keep on your bathroom sink for your little ones to grab to get water for rinsing. These cups are so versatile and so great to have in the house, and the designs go with anything in my home. My little one loves picking out his cup and setting up his toothbrush with toothpaste right before brushing. It is so amazing to watch him and his routine. It is so easy to spread germs, especially in the bathroom, but having Dixie® multi-purpose 5 oz. cups make it so easy to prevent the spread of germs. Plus, it allows me to focus more on my little one versus him spilling water. We no longer worry about the water issues now that we use these cups. Brushing is now a breeze and, thanks to Dixie®, this makes our evening routine easy and gives my son the independence that he enjoys.

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Simple Bedtime Routines For Toddlers

After brushing, we hit the bed, read a story, and relax. Our evening routine is simple as can be. I have found that the easier the routine, the less chaos there will be. I am sure as he gets older, our routines will change. However, for now, I enjoy our simple routines and spending quality time before he’s off to bed. Keep in mind, the Dixie® multi-purpose 5 oz. cups are not only perfect for the bathroom, but they are amazing to have around the house. They are great for kids’ drinks, snacks, and even arts and crafts. They are so versatile. To see and learn more about Dixie®, you click HERE. Curious to know, do you have a bedtime routine for you and your little one?

Thank you Dixie® Cups for sponsoring this post. Check out how versatile these 5 oz. multi-purpose cups are!

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